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The Total Theory Of Cupping Therapy

Conference: 4th International Conference In Prophetic Medicine Research

Keywords: Prophetic Medicine


The new scientific method in cupping therapy. This methodology is based on a homogeneous stability rule (Homeostasis), whereby the body alone is considered to be integrated with all of its organs and systems. Its treatment can only be achieved with balance, complementarity, and effective job communication among all its systems.

This methodology can be summarized on the following basis

1- This radical holistic therapy depends on the anatomical division of the blood and nervous pathways and follows these pathways to purify the internal biological environment from pathogenic and inflammatory causes.

2- Each patient has his own complaint, and there are apparent illness and others within it that affect each other. Dealing with the known illness is through the established principles and therapeutic principles. As for the unknown, it is dealt with through the research points, the patient’s complaint, and his sick history.

3- Chronic diseases are chronic due to the presence of pathogens that led to their chronicity. These factors must be dealt with to remove them or reduce their effects and deal with diseases that can arise from the effects of this time as dependent diseases and not original.

4- The close relationship between mental and physical illness.

5- Near and far places of pain are directly related to the causes of illness and the basis for monitoring the disease.

Knowing the patient’s sick history and knowing all the surrounding conditions that may be related to the occurrence of the disease.

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