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IFC-Based Building Renovation Scenario Generator

Authors: Stefan Fenz

Journal:  38th International Symposium On Automation And Robotics In Construction Dubai, UAE.

Publication Date: Nov 2021

Keywords: Building Renovation Renovation Scenario Generator Energy Efficiency


Increasing The Building Renovation Rate Is A Key Initiative To Drive Energy Efficiency In The Sector And Contribute To The European Green Deal. Within The H2020 Project BIMERR, We Developed The BIM-Based Building Renovation Decision Support System RenoDSS. The RenoDSS Building Renovation Scenario Generator Generates IFC Files That Represent Potential Renovated Building Configurations Based On: (I) The IFC Representation Of The Current Building Configuration, (Ii) Potential Renovation Measures Selected By The User And Their Defined Mapping To IFC Elements, And (Iii) A Rule Set On How These Renovation Measures Can Be Combined And Applied On The Building. The Automated And BIM-Based Approach Enables The Efficient Generation Of Renovation Scenarios, The Calculation Of Renovation Scenario KPIs, And The Identification Of The Most Suitable Scenarios By Comparing The Scenarios’ KPIs.

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