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Insider Knowledge: A missing piece in the comprehensive
development of STEM talent

Authors: Dr. Rena Subotnik

Conference: 2nd World Giftedness Center International Conference

Keywords: Opportunity awareness, Developmental level, Social events


Sharing insider knowledge is important for equity in talent development. Every one of us has had an
experience where we thought we had a chance of winning an opportunity, only to find out there were
some implicit rules we did not follow. This might include failure to realize that the support of a key
individual is needed to have your idea approved or supported by others. It could include understanding
the importance of attending certain social events for networking or gaining supporters for your research
Insider knowledge is complex in that it is particular to a career or domain and important in making
decisions and finding successful solutions, such as when to employ strategic risk taking or how to
respond to chance factors. It also varies by developmental level. That is, there are unspoken rules at
each stage of an education and career trajectory. As professionals, we can do a lot to level the playing
field in a domain by making insider knowledge more explicit to those who are upcoming in a field.

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