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Applying Key Elements of Evidence-Based Mentoring for Talent Development

Authors: Dr. Katherin Emmerdinger, Dr. Daniel Patrick Balestrini

Conference: 2nd World Giftedness Center International Conference

Keywords: Career advancement, Innovative thinking, Leadership development


Humanity faces unparalleled challenges requiring concerted transformational efforts for creative problem solving at a global scale (e.g., slowing global warming and biodiversity loss). Leaders and innovators with the highest levels of expertise and creativity must rise to these challenges. Mentoring can offer highly effective individualized support for developing the highest levels of expertise and innovation when implemented properly. In this workshop, we will describe key elements of effective mentoring for talent development. The key elements include mentor-mentee alignment of expectations about mentor roles and support, various mentoring phases, goal-oriented mentoring, essential training topics for mentees and mentors, ongoing program monitoring and support, and formative program evaluation and adaptation. Workshop attendees will learn about evidence-based mentoring approaches for talent development, what makes them effective, and how they can be applied in various settings involving mentoring and talent development.

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