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Bidens Pilosa, Invasive Plant Of The Family Asteraceae, Morocco Description And Ecology

Authors: HIND Elaidi

Journal:  Emirati Journal of Environment, Sustainability, And Climate Change

Volume: Vol 1 Issue 1

Keywords: Biological Invasion, Asteraceae, Bidens Pilosa, Botanic Description, Morocco


Invasive plant species are a potential threat to both crops and native flora. Indeed, these species can disrupt ecosystems by competing with native species and occupying their range. It is therefore very important to know these species and their functioning. Among these plants, one species that is particularly present in urban wastelands and in uncultivated areas ; Bidens pilosa. It is native to South America and belongs to the Asteraceae family, which includes nearly 23% of invasive plants. The objective of the present contribution is to provide as detailed description possible of the species, with illustrations and measurements of all parts and organs, especially since all descriptions made so far are incomplete or poorly illustrated. For that, 10 individuals of different destination of the city of Salé and Kenitra were studied and examined microscopically, emphasizing the vegetative and reproductive part of the plant, and from microscopic point of view, showing the pilosity and ackenes.


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