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A Proposed Curriculum for Teaching the Tri-Constraint Method of Automated Construction Scheduling

Authors: Daniel Hall

Journal: 38th International Symposium on Automation and Robotics in Construction Dubai, UAE.

Publication Date:  Nov 2021.

Keywords: Education Generative Construction Scheduling Tri-Constraint Method Critical Path Method Automation


Typical Construction Project Management And Production Management Courses Teach The Critical Path Method, In Which Only The Precedence Constraint Is Considered While Scheduling Activities. By Contrast, The Tri-Constraint Method Is An Object-Based Scheduling Method That Considers Activity Precedence, Resource Constraints, And Spatial Availability. However, The Tri-Constraint Method Is Only Taught At Few Universities To Date. This Paper Outlines The Creation Of A New Curriculum To Teach The Theory And Application Of The Tri-Constraint Method. The Paper Describes A Proposed Five-Lesson, Flipped-Classroom Curriculum For Teaching The Tri-Constraint Method. In Class One, We Introduce Students To The Limitations Of The Critical Path Method. In Class Two, We Teach The Fundamental Algorithm Behind The Tri-Constraint Method. In Classes Three To Five, We Demonstrate How The Tri-Constraint Method Can Be Scaled Using A BIM-Based Smart Scheduler, In Partnership With The Software Company ALICE Technologies Inc. During This Period, Students Learn How To Model Constraints, Generate Millions Of Schedules, And Explore Tradeoffs And Interventions For Further Schedule Optimization. The Paper Concludes By Describing How The Curriculum Was Implemented In Autumn Semester 2020, Summarizing Preliminary Qualitative Feedback From The Students, And Reflecting On Future Improvements. The Proposed Curriculum Is Now Available For Usage Or Adaptation By The Broader Construction Informatics Research Community To Be Integrated Into Construction Project And Production Management Courses.

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