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Cooperation Agreement between the Emirates Researchers Center and the Bahraini Pioneers Platform

It was announced today that a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed between the Emirates Researchers Center and Bahrain’s Raedat platform. This Memorandum affirms their commitment to joint efforts, Which paves the way for mutual growth and development in scientific research

This partnership aims to harness the power of collaboration, knowledge sharing and interdisciplinary exploration. Through this strategic alliance, Both institutions seek to broaden their horizons, This enriches their research capabilities and contributes to solving global challenges through innovative solutions.

Dr. Firas Habbal expressed, Head of the Emirates Researchers Focus, expressed his enthusiasm for cooperation, Stressing the crucial role of scientific research in advancing progress and development. He noted: “Scientific research is the pillar of progress and development in our world today.” At the Emirates Researchers Center for Research and Studies, We provide a specialized community that brings together the pioneers of scientific and academic research and highlights quality research that serves the community, promotes innovation and designs the future we aspire to.”

In terms of Bahrain’s Raedat platform, The great journalist Obaidli Al-Obaidli, one of the founders of the “Raedat” platform, spoke about the collective power that this collaboration brings. He said: “By joining the Emirates Researchers Center, We combine our expertise and resources to push the boundaries of scientific research.” Senior journalist Obaidli Al Obaidli believes that this partnership will enable both organizations to harness their mutual power and access new insights. This, in turn, will have a profound impact on the scientific community.

With the activation of the memorandum of understanding between the Emirates Researchers Center and the Bahraini Raedat platform, The journey of joint cooperation begins, With the promise of progress not only in research, It is also in a deeper integration of knowledge, innovation and community service. Both institutions aspire to achieve dynamic and fruitful cooperation that will contribute to the improvement of society and the advancement of human knowledge.

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