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Creativity in Gifted Education Research: What do we Know and
What Needs to be Explored?

Authors: Ahmed M. Abdulla Alabbasi

Conference: 2nd World Giftedness Center International Conference

Keywords:  Creative personality, Exploration in gifted education, innovations in education


Research on differences between gifted and nongifted students have examined cognitive abilities,
including intelligence quotient differences, higher-order thinking skills as well as critical, evaluative,
and creative thinking. The first objective of this paper is to shed light on creativity in gifted education
research. The literature review revealed that the majority of studies on gifted education have focused
on enhancing divergent/creative thinking abilities, namely fluency, flexibility, and originality (i.e.,
creative process) through different techniques and strategies. However, little attention has been paid to
other cognitive processes related to creative cognition, such as problem finding and evaluative thinking.
Moreover, creativity is much more than divergent/creative thinking; it includes other aspects, including
creative potential, creative climate, and creative personality. Therefore, the second aim of this paper is
to discuss recent investigations of creativity in gifted education literature and highlight areas that should
be addressed. Finally, the paper discusses recent advancements in assessing divergent thinking in
creativity research and how educators in the field of gifted education can benefit from such an
advancement in creativity measurement. Although research on creatively gifted students in recent years
has emerged, there are still areas that need to be explored.

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