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Impact of Gender Inequalities on Education in Morocco: An Economic Analysis of Barriers and Opportunities

Authors:  Mohammed Alami Chentoufi, Aniss Ait Alla, Naoual Mamdouh

Journal:  International Journal of Civilizations Studies & Tolerance Sciences

Volume: Vol 1 Issue 1

Keywords:  Gender inequalities,Education,Economic development,Morocco


Gender inequalities in the field of education pose a major issue that continues to challenge development efforts in Morocco. Despite significant progress made in the education sector over the past decades, persistent gender disparities hinder equitable access to quality education. This study aims to examine the economic impact of these gender inequalities on the Moroccan education system, focusing on the barriers that impede girls’ access to education and the potential opportunities associated with promoting gender equality.Drawing on an exhaustive review of recent economic literature, this research explores the socio-economic determinants of gender inequalities in education in Morocco. It also examines the economic consequences of these disparities, both in the short and long term, with an emphasis on their impact on productivity, economic growth, and poverty reduction.The study employs a rigorous quantitative methodology, analyzing empirical data from various national and international sources. An advanced econometric model is applied to assess the extent of the impact of gender inequalities on educational performance and the country’s economic outcomes.Through this analysis, we hope to provide relevant insights for policymakers, researchers, and development stakeholders concerned with promoting gender equality and improving the education system in Morocco. The findings will contribute to guiding public policies aimed at strengthening equitable access to education and creating an enabling environment for the development of all individuals, regardless of their gender.

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