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Curcuma Longa For Protecting Chicks Against Newcastle Disease Virus Infection And Immunosuppressive Effect Of Marek’s Disease Viral Vaccine

Conference: 5th International Conference on Quality and Evidence Based in Prophetic Medicine

Keywords: Prophetic Medicine


A total of 500 one day old Hubbard chicks fed balanced ration , reared in good hygienic measures and divided into 10 groups (n=50 /G). G1 (neither vaccinated nor treated), G2 vaccinated with NDV, G3 (vaccinated with MDV Rispen strain), G4 (vaccinated with MDV and NDV), G5 (vaccinated with MDV, treated with thymus extract) G6 (vaccinated with MDV, NDV, treated with thymus extract), G7 (vaccinated with MDV, treated with Nigella Sativa (NS), and G8 (vaccinated with MDV and NDV and treated with NS). Group 9 vaccinated with MDV, treated with Curcuma Longa, and G 10 vaccinated with MDV, NDV and treated with Curcuma Longa. Chicks recived NDV vaccine Hitciner B-1 at 7th day of age, boosted with LaSota strain at 21st day of age in drinking water. Groups received MDV S/C injection vaccine (0.2ml/chick) at one day of age. Sera of all chicks were collected at 10, 14, 17, 21, 28, 35, and 42 of age for determining the antibodies against NDV using HI test. Heparinized blood samples were collected at 10, 14, 17, 21, days of age for detecting the phagocytic activity of macrophages. G 10 vaccinated with MDV &NDV and treated with Curcuma longa showed the highest HI titer at 21st day of age (819.2) denoting to the immune- stimulatory effect of Curcuma Longa The phagocytic indexes in vaccinated & treated groups were higher than group 4 (vaccinated but not treated with any of immune-stimulants). Groups (5, 7 & 9) treated with immune-stimulants (Thymus extract, N. sativa & Curcuma) and vaccinated with MDV vaccine but not with NDV vaccine and challenged with vvNDV showed (20, 40 & 80 %) protection, respectively. Groups (6,8 &10) treated with the same immune-stimulants , vaccinated with both MDV & NDV vaccines and challenged with vvNDV showed 100 % protection. While group 2 (only NDV vaccinated) showed 80 % protection, but some birds showed severe symptoms of ND in group 4 denoting to the immunosuppressive effect of MDV vaccine. It could be concluded that MDV vaccine has an immunosuppressive effect on chicks. Curcuma longa is considered the best immuno-stimulant followed Nigella sativa. The surprising immuno-stimulatory effect of curcuma is in the induction of protective level 80% in treated but not NDV vaccinated group. We recommended the use of curcuma longa powder and/ or Nigella sativa crushed seeds in poultry rations for enhancing the immune response against either field infection of NDV or vaccination with immunosuppressive vaccines.

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