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Health Discourse Construction On Social Media: A Socio- Cognitive Approach To Investigate The Approaches And Constraints Of Health Discourse Popularisation On Social Media

Author(s): Narimane Boudali

Conference: Dubai One Health Conference

Publication Date: 23 June, 2023

Keywords: Critical Discourse Analysis, Intertextuality, Attitude System, Engagement System, Appraisal, Reification.


This Research Aims To Shed Light On The Construction Of Health Discourse On Social Media From A Critical Perspective. The Critical Perspective Includes A Critique Of Health Discourse Production And Reception On Social Media And Its Relationship With Societal, Cultural, And Religious Structures. Communication Between Experts And Non-Experts Has Been A Significant Area Of Interest In Many Fields. However, Using Critical Discourse Analysis To Investigate The Approaches And The Constraints That Surrounds The Production And The Reception Of Health Information On Social Media Remain An Under Investigated Area Of Research, In Algeria. Hence, In This Research I Investigate The Expert’s Non- Expert’s Health Communication On Instagram, In The Algerian Context From A Socio Cognitive Perspective. My Collected Data Consists Of Twelve Instagram Health Related’ Accounts. Both Posts And Comments Are Analysed Qualitatively. Drawing From Fairclough (1995) Three-Dimensional Model, To Functionalise Van Dijk (2014) Socio Cognitive Approach To Discourse Studies. In This Regard, I Use The Micro – Miso -Macro Levels Of Analysis, To Connect Discourse Structures To Social Practice, Considering The Social Cognition As A Mediator Factor. This Is Realised Through The Application Of The Engagement, And Attitude Systems (Martin And White, 2005) To Appraise Recognition Of Voices, And Stances, Attached To Them. The Findings Suggests That The Engagement System Reveals The Coexistence Of Cultural And Religious Assumptions, Incorporated With Scientific Discourse. Hence, Intertextuality And Interdiscursivity Are Remarkably Used As An Implicit Approach To Construct Health Knowledge In Algeria. The Latter, Introduces An Educative Approach That Focuses On Fostering Fact-Checking Mentality In The Audience, Instead Of A Top-Down Experts/Non-Experts Communication. Which Rises The Problem Of Identifying Expertise In Social Media. Additionally, The Attitude System Reveals Polarity Towards Those Religious And Cultural Assumptions.

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