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Digital learning transformations and educational environment changes: a journey of transformation in the age of technology

Authors: Prof. Dr. Hussein Muhammad Ali Kashkul, Prof. Muhammad Majeed Al-Hamdani, Prof. Muhammad Nabil Al-Haboubi, Prof. Nidal Abdullah Al-Malik
Conference: International Dialogue Of Civilization And Tolerance Conference – Abu Dhabi 2024
Keywords: digital learning, educational environment, private universities.


Objective of the study: This study aims to understand and analyze digital learning transformations and changes in the educational environment in the age of technology. To monitor the significant impacts that have developed in the field of technology on learning and teaching processes, and how to integrate these transformations into digital learning environments. Importance of the study: This study is of great importance in understanding how digital transformation affects the development and existence of learning and teaching environments, and how educational processes and motivation can be improved to achieve outstanding performance in this new context. Approach: The study adopted an analytical approach to examine in detail the changes in digital learning and their effects on the educational environment. Data was collected through a questionnaire distributed to the faculty at Al Bayan University and Heir al-Anbiya University. (122) responses were distributed. Most important conclusions: 1. ICT has had a positive impact on improving the quality of and access to education. 2. Effective integration of technology into learning processes requires continuous development of the infrastructure and provision of appropriate training for teachers. Most important recommendations: 1. Investing in technological infrastructure to ensure the provision of effective digital learning environments. 2. Encouraging research and innovation in the field of learning technology to ensure sustained and sustainable development.

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