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Authors: Alexander Barrie
Conference: International Dialogue Of Civilization And Tolerance Conference – Abu Dhabi 2024
Keywords: Mankind, Scripture, Maturity in making decisions, Aryuveda, Sufi, Wisdom of the Ages, Statesmen, Dictatorship.


The Individuals constitute mankind. Mankind as a whole is only as good as the conduct and the scruples of its individuals – an individual represents of course a fraction of the Homo sapiens species, but each fraction is a sacred part of the human matrix. This matrix, this template, should by nature contain a perfect balance with all those matters that are temporal as opposed to all those matters which are transcendent. There should be no opposition as such, but a complementary relationship between this mundane, and the more lofty/spiritual aspects of life. Without guidance as offered by scripture and the wise council of others who went before us, we are unable to enjoy life that is fully ethical and which possesses a meaningful reality, even if we do consider that our own behaviour, and the conductibility of our own life to be relatively normal and without blemish. This is how vain we human-beings can actually be. Usually, only when a man (man as such) is living at his middle age of 40 plus years, may he have the mental/emotional capacity to judge his own behaviour with a modicum of detachment: a smidgen of reality. Women, tend almost automatically to reach to the Heavens and its ethereal attributes. Menfolk, generally do so, only when following much of their personal worldly suffering. It is a different timing, a different agony for each the other.No. Man requires guidance. In The Talmud it is stated that man is born with the evil impulse. In Hindu Esoteric Ayurveda, it speaks of 3 types of man, but these 3 types of man inevitably suffer the effects of their own handicaps, and their own defects by virtue of the division of these 3 types. No doubt, in other holy texts, Sufi/Islamic for instance, there are references to this mysterious inimical mutability of man. What seems to be called nowadays: a moral- compass; which is the term spread about without much awareness, is actually mostly absent of us. Whatever, mankind generally has the audacity to consider itself moral and just – when its judgements are mostly determined by its culture and its habits. We, all of us are born with the capacity to know good from evil. The problem is that we are so engrossed within the vicissitudes that life enjoys presenting intimately to us, that we are rarely able to experience the moments of clarity – clarity that determines whether our actions and our behaviours are becoming, or not as the case maybe!

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