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Pumpkin Seed Oil And Vitamin E Improve Reproductive Function Of Male Rats Inflicted By Testicular Injury

Conference: 4th International Conference In Prophetic Medicine Research

Keywords: Prophetic Medicine


The principal goal of this study was to investigate the protective role of pumpkin seed oil (PSO) and vitamin E (Vit E) against sodium valproate (SVP)-induced testicular damage in male rats. Forty five adult male rats were randomly distributed into 5 groups, of 9 animals each. Group (1) was given orally 1ml distilled water/rat and used as negative control and group (2) was orally given SVP (500 mg/kg/day) during the last week of experiment period to induce testicular damage and used as positive control. The other three protected groups were pretreated by oral administration of PSO at a dose of 40 mg/kg, Vit E at 200 mg/kg and PSO with Vit E respectively for 8 weeks and received SVP during the last week. Blood samples were collected for estimating serum levels of testosterone, Follicle – stimulating hormone (FSH) and Luteinizing hormone (LH). Semen samples were collected for semen analysis. Rats were then sacrificed and male sexual organs were removed and weighed. Tissue lipid peroxidation (LPX) and activity of antioxidant enzymes in testes and histopathology of testes were also performed. The results showed that combination of PSO and Vit E significantly increased serum levels of testosterone, FSH and LH, testes weight and sperm motility, count and vitality and decreased sperm cell abnormalities in rats given SVP. Decreased testicular LPO, increased antioxidant capacity and alleviation of testicular degenerative changes caused by SVP were reported. In conclusion, PSO and Vit E produce protective and antioxidant effects against SVP-induced testicular damage in rats. Therefore, dietary intake of pumpkin seed oil and vitamin E may be useful for male patients who suffer from infertility due to oxidative stress.

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