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Innovative Research For Best Health: An Evidence Based Decision Making

Conference: 5th International Conference on Quality and Evidence Based in Prophetic Medicine

Keywords: Prophetic Medicine


High-quality research is fundamental to attain the highest possible level of health. The evidence that produced by research is a critical component for improving population health. However, the gap between the availability of evidence and the application in care delivery contributes to poor health outcomes. Among the goals of Center of Excellence in prophetic medicine research is reinforcing the links between health research and practice. “Research translation” the process by which the evidence produced by research is translated into policy, practice and product development is a priority area for this year. Improved methods for communicating health information and evidence to different target audiences are also essential. Adoption of Evidence based practice (EBP) is influenced by four key areas: The nature of the innovation (type and strength of evidence), the clinical topic, the way the innovation is communicated, and the users of the EBP in organization or at population level. We will follow the research translation process to make high quality and impact research more accessible and facilitate implementation of the recommendation in the current practice. Barriers towards implementation of research recommendation were also identified and working to overcome these barriers.

Future Plan:

• Support the development of evidence and synthesizing evidence on gaps.

• Turn high quality and high impact research into practice

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