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Novel Intervention Improves The Quality Of Life And Decreases The Morbidity Of Thalassemia Patients

Conference: 5th International Conference on Quality and Evidence Based in Prophetic Medicine

Keywords: Prophetic Medicine


The Thalassemia Genes Occur With Variable Frequency In Different Regions Of The World . Treatment Of Thalassemia Disorders Is Complex, Expensive And Requires A Multi-Disciplinary Approach. Disease Complication Is Common Due To Excessive Iron Overload And Sub-Optimal Chelation. Aims: Improve The Quality In The Diagnosis And Treatment With Comprehensive Care For The Thalassemia Disorders’ Improve Patient Outcomes And Patient Satisfaction( Normal Life, Happiness) Cardiac Constitutes The First Cause Of Death Followed By Infection In Splenectomised Patients. Chronic Pain Are Common Complication In Thalassemia Patients, Unfortunately Not Addressed Well With Comprehensive Care. Presentation Of Cases Referred With Chronic Pain To Address The Morbidity And How To Improve The Quality Of Life. What We Mean By Quality Of Life In Thalassemia? Is Novel Intervention Improves The Quality Of Life And Decrease Morbidity?

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