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The Nature-Nurture of Intelligence

Authors: Manuel Hopp
Conference: 1st World Giftedness Center International Conference

Keywords: Intelligence Development, Inborn Traits, Acquired Traits


One of the biggest questions in psychology asks: are we the way we are because we were born that way, or because we were raised that way? Is it nature or nurture? In the field of giftedness research, there is also the question of whether intelligence is determined by our genes or by our environment. And if both our genes together with the environment affect intelligence, which of the two is the dominant factor? Workshop participants can look forward to gaining a better understanding of what it means for a trait to be inborn or acquired. Participants will learn more about the influence of nature vs. nurture on the development of intelligence – is there an intelligence gene, for example. Or what are effective environmental factors of intelligence? How can we apply this information to everyday life and what are the practical implications of doing so?

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