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A Conceptual Framework For Secure BIM-Based Design: Using Blockchain And Asymmetric Encryption

Authors: Xingyu Tao

Journal: 38th International Symposium On Automation And Robotics In Construction Dubai, UAE.

Publication Date: Nov 2021.

Keywords: BIM-Based Design Blockchain Asymmetric Encryption Greatest Common Zone (GCZ) Method IPFS


Blockchain Is A Disruptive Technology That Has Great Potential In Securing BIM Data Immutability And Traceability. However, Integrating BIM Management With Blockchain Still Faces A Risk Of Sensitive Information Leaking Because Blockchain Is Such A Transparent Network That BIM Data Are Disclosed To Every Member. Therefore, This Paper Proposes A Blockchain-Encryption Integrated (BEI) Framework To Protect The Access Of Sensitive BIM Data When Collaborating In A Blockchain. The Proposed Framework Contains Two Parts. Firstly, A “Greatest Common Zone” (GCZ) Method Is Developed To Decompose BIM Models For Data Segregation. Besides, An Asymmetric Encryption-Based Method Is Designed As The Access Control Approach. In This Way, Sensitive BIM Data Would Be Encrypted And Then Shared In The Blockchain Ledger, Which Are Maintained By All Project Members. Only Authorized Members Can Decipher The Confidential Information Using A Private Key. The Feasibility Of The Conceptual Framework Is Validated Through An Illustrative Example, Showing That The BEI Framework Is A Promising Solution In Securing The BIM-Based Design Process.

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