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Deceptive marketing through social media sites (ads for selling medicinal herbs on Instagram as an example) A survey study of the public of Baghdad

Authors: Dr. Alaa Alanbari
Conference: The 1st Media Innovation: Opportunities and Challenges
Keywords: Deceptive marketing ,social networking sites , medicinal herbs , Instagram


There are many phenomena sweeping Iraqi society through social media, the most important of which is the marketing of goods and services, especially on Instagram, and the promotion of products comes through many interesting and attractive methods, under the pretext of presenting problems and providing solutions to them, but on the condition that this product is used only, *** By accelerating the acquisition of this scientific achievement before the existing quantity runs out due to the great demand for purchasing it, because of the solutions it provides that were not invented previously, but what is the degree of credibility in those advertisements marketed to customers? How can customers be sure of their actual success?

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