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The Impact of Social Media Platforms on the Mental Health of Young Users: A Comparative Study of (Twitter(X), Snapchat and Tik Tok)

Authors: Dr. Eman Sami Ashry
Conference: The 1st Media Innovation: Opportunities and Challenges
Keywords: Impact, social media, Young users, Mental Health, Twitter(X), Snapchat, Tiktok


Humans are social creatures who need connections with others to succeed in life, and the strength of our connections has a huge impact on our mental health and well-being.Socializing with others can relieve stress, anxiety, and depression, increase self-esteem, provide peace and joy, prevent loneliness, and even extend your lifespan. On the other hand, a lack of strong social connections can pose significant risks to mental and emotional health.Currently, more than 95 billion people around the world use the Internet, of which approximately 62 billion are active SM users (Johnson, 2022). In India, the number of internet users was 680 million and active social media users were 487 million as of January 2022.According to Statista Research Division (2022), SM in India is dominated by his two social media sites: YouTube and Facebook.YouTube has 467 million users, followed by Facebook with 329 million users.Over the past decade, social media has become an integral part of people’s lives.Social media sites are gaining popularity in every country and community.Popular social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and TikTok enable billions of people around the world to interact virtually.With billions of users, social media platforms have triggered long-term behaviors among users (Harris and Orth, 2020).

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