Emirates Scholar announces its partnership with Arab Youth Center

A strategic partnership has been established between Emirates Scholar Research Center and Arab Youth Center, through digital communication technology with the aim to support young researchers and enable them to access research platforms and the latest information.

Under the memorandum of understanding, the two sides collaborate in the fields of scientific research, exchange of experiences and available resources, sharing published studies, enabling young people to acquire skills and potential for scientific and applied research, providing support for specialists to review, evaluate, and publish their research, with a focus on introducing the importance of scientific research and its tools, registration, publishing, and scientific arbitration mechanisms.

Dr. Ghanim Kashwani, the President of the Arab Young Researchers Council, said that the strategic partnerships that the council forms with relevant research institutions represent an important step towards activating the presence of young competencies in accelerating the pace of scientific research in the Arab world.

For his part, Dr. Firas Habbal, the president of Emirates Scholar, said: “At the Emirates Scholar for Research and Studies, we provide a specialized community that brings together pioneers in scientific and academic research and highlights qualitative research that serves the community, accelerates innovation, and designs the future we aspire to. We are pleased to collaborate with the Arab Youth Center, represented by the Arab Youth Researchers Council, to expand the network of relationships between young researchers to the furthest extent.”


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