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Implementation Of Electronic Tendering In Malaysian Construction Industry: A Case Study In The Preparation And Application Of E-Tendering

Authors: Amir Mehdipoor

Journal:  International Journal Of Automation And Digital Transformation

Publication Date:  Vol 1 Issue 1, ( 2022 )

Keywords:  E-Tendering,E-Procurement,Digital Document


In Malaysia, Construction Sector Plays A Significant And Important Role In The Country’s Economy. One Of The Most Important And Critical Phase Of A Construction Project Is Tendering And Procurement Phase. A Paper-Based Traditional Method Of Undertaking Procurement Phase Is Complicated, Costly And Time Consuming. E-Tendering Is A Fully Digitalized Process Which Increases The Efficiency And Productivity During The Tendering Phase. This Study Evaluated The Challenges And Benefits Of Implementing E-Tendering Or E-Procurement In Malaysian Construction Industry


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