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International Behaviour Analysis Organization, Promoting International Certification In ABA Around The World

Conference:  Autism. Challenges & Solutions

Journal: International Journal Of Applied Technology In Medical Sciences

Publication Date: Vol 2 Issue 1

Keywords:  Autism, Disorder, Early Intervention, Genetic Factors, Conditions, Adaptive Skills


Autism rates are rising around the world. ABA is the leading treatment for increasing appropriate skills and decrease challenging behaviour associated with autism. Because of the demand for behavioural services, more and more people are providing what they are calling “ABA Services.” Rather than ABA services being provided by appropriately educated and trained professionals with supervised practice and a mastery of applied behaviour analytic content, services are being rendered by untrained and unqualified pseudo professionals. This can have a very negative impact on the field of ABA. Poor or unethical practice can harm children and families, spread misinformation about needed services, and confuse the public about the burgeoning profession of ABA. Certifications are the answer to this growing concern. Certifications ensure that providers have met industry standards in education, training experiences, supervision, skills and knowledge tests, have agreed to abide by a set of ethical practice guidelines, and seek ongoing continuing education to stay abreast of the many changes and new research in the field. Certifications offer a form of public protection and allow those truly able to call themselves behaviour analysts and behaviour therapists to be recognized for their professionalism. ABA needs certifications to define the field.


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