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Need Of Innovative Role On Regional Food (Dham) In The Hospitality Sector Of Himachal Pradesh

Authors:   Aman Verma

Journal:  Emirati Journal Of Business, Economics And Social Studies

Publication Date: Vol 2 Issue 1


Stakeholders, Hotels, Regional Dishes, Hospitality Staff & Regional People


Dham is the feast which is served to the people as a feast in Himachal Pradesh .Dham is one of the attraction of many tourist in Hospitality sector. Most of the tourist destinations regional food play an important role for the growth & sustainability of Tourism & Hospitality sectors, as it is easily available in the market in a traditional way as it have the high level of freshness, fragrance and real taste and in return it will give financial support to your own people who are associated with the food . This process will help the growth of financial system in any region; on the other hand tourist will enjoy the fresh and hygienic food .Himachal Pradesh is the land of an assortment soil which is very fertile in nature producing a variety of grains, fruits and vegetables. In this study we will observe the observation of people who are associated with this business in the Himachali Food (Dham). Our result indicates that in Himachali Dham have different function roles, innovation, and modernism along with health benefits. On the other hand it will help out those people who are associated with the agriculture, manual labor and transporter. This research will help to get awareness whether the tourists who are coming to their region showing interest are getting what they are cultivating. It will help out to motivate their efforts which they spent in the various difficult situations. On the other hand it will reveal the facts negative or positive of the regional food which could help out to change in the recipes if the dishes are not among the choices of the tourists and also evaluate or summaries the connection between the choices and perceptions. This study acknowledges the role of regional food in Hospitality sector as well as in the Himachal tourism.


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