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Mountains Gravitational Pegs Stabilize The Earth’s Rotation Motion

Authors: Bendaoud SAAD

Journal:  Emirati Journal of Space Sciences and Engineering

Publication Date: Vol 1 Issue 1


Earth Rotation, Mountains, Moment Of The Pressure Force, Moment Of Inertia, Earth’s Irregularities, Earth’s Balancing Corrective Masses, Mountains Stabilizing Earth’s Rotation, Gravitational Peg, Antipode Anomalies


The objective of this paper is to study the effect of Mountains gravitational pegs on the Earth’s rotation motion. The physical system studied is a single Mountain selected among all the Mountains that exist on the globe. The application of Newtonian mechanic’s laws to the forces that act on the Mountains system leads us to find out the equation of the Earth’s rotation motion. As a result, the angular acceleration oscillates with an amplitude of ~ 3.95 ´ 10-21 rad.s-2. The analyses of the obtained results show that a single Mountain, if it existed alone, will destabilize the Earth and hide all the Tide’s effects on the Earth’s rotation motion. The biggest obstacle that prevents us from seeing this phenomenon is the fact that the Mountains that exist on Earth are numerous and symmetrically distributed with respect to each other. There are several thousands of Mountains on Earth and the terrestrial crust also contains many other irregularities. Thus, the effects of Mountains and their antipode anomalies on the Earth’s motion cancel out each other, achieving its stability. If Mountains didn’t exist, the Earth would have vibrated from the initial instant of its existence and thus derived from its trajectory long time ago. As a result, the Mountains are for the Earth what are balancing corrective masses for rotating bodies like the wheel: They stabilize the Earth indeed. Without Mountains, the Earth’s vibration can cause catastrophic failure, as well as noise and discomfort. Thus, the Mountains are gravitational pegs that stabilize the Earth’s rotation motion while orbiting along its helical trajectory following the Sun’s motion through the space.


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