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Opening The Doors Of Dialogue And Communication By Listening To The Current Bbstacles Of Parents

Conference:  Autism. Challenges & Solutions

Journal: International Journal Of Applied Technology In Medical Sciences

Publication Date: Vol 2 Issue 1

Keywords:  Autism, Disorder, Early Intervention, Genetic Factors, Conditions, Adaptive Skills


Based on the National Autism Policy, which announced the tag “United for Persons with Autism” in 2021,

in the Challenge Analysis section, this fifth challenge was presented:

The conference was the appropriate and official platform to monitor the transmission and reception of

parents of facts about the challenges faced by autism culture and awareness in the UAE.

Therefore, the slides were summarized and began with the definition, its source and symptoms:

The National Standard Classification of Disabilities “People of Determination” in the UAE, due to the

arguments and differences that parents saw floundering and then proposing solutions that suit the UAE environment in slides 1-5.

Slide 6: Introduced the National Autism Policy.

Slide 7: Map of assessment centers with a preference of 50% over the Ministry.

Slide 8: Map of the Integrated Services Center (Support) with a preference of 95% over the Ministry.

Slide 9: Shows the distribution of the number of autism cases in the U A E.

Slide 10: It was found that there is a reluctance and reluctance to issue a card for people of determination from parents of people with autism.

Slide 11: It was found that there was a deficit in educational inclusion of 522 autistic students.

Slide 12: Illustrates the expected costs of supporting autism.


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