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Physician Entrepreneurs and AI Technology: An In-depth Study of Knowledge, Competence, Adoption, and Sustainability in the GCC Region

Authors: Dr. Najmudeen Sulthan

Journal:  Emirati Journal Of Business, Economics And Social Studies

Volume: Vol 2 Issue 2

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), Physician Entrepreneurs, Knowledge, Competency, Adaptability, Sustainability


In recent years, the usage of artificial intelligence (AI) has grown significantly, and its implementation is now widespread across all industries worldwide. In terms of finances, the business sector is aware of the importance of AI in healthcare. Physician entrepreneurship is a familiar idea that has developed over time. Doctors who are also entrepreneurs have broadened their areas of expertise and taken on more primary clinical duties. This study aims to assess the knowledge, competency, adaptability, and sustainability of artificial intelligence (AI) technology among physician entrepreneurs in GCC nations. This study will focus on how AI technology is used in the healthcare industry. A sample of 220 respondents will be used in this study’s survey. Out of the 220 participants, 152 males (69.09%) and68
females (30.9%) were included in the study. Based on the results of the structural equation model, competence, adaptability, and sustainability contribute to artificial intelligence and have a significant positive impact. After analyzing the interview responses, it is clear that incorporating AI into a company demands a considerable investment in employees, technology, and software. This study focused on how well physician entrepreneurs understand, use, and maintain artificial intelligence regarding knowledge, competency, adaptability, and sustainability. However, comparative research was conducted only for developed countries with similar or different settings.

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