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Rathke’s cleft cyst as a rare sellar, parasellar mass lesion with sign and symptoms of pituitary adenoma. Case presentation and review of literature.

Authors: Alireza Taghikhani

Journal:  International Journal Of Applied Technology In Medical Sciences

Volume: Vol 3 Issue 1

Keywords: Literature , Treatment , Objectives Symptoms


Rathke’s cleft cysts exist as non-neoplastic lesions of the sellar and suprasellar regions that can eventually become large enough to induce compressive effects with subsequent symptomology. Most cases, however, are asymptomatic and are only detected during autopsy. The first incidence of a symptomatic Rathke’s cleft cyst was described in 1931. Symptomatic Rathke’s cleft cysts may be associated with both neurological and endocrine abnormalities. In this paper Rathke’s cleft cysts in sella and parasellar region to be discussed as a symptomatic lesion, etiology, pathophysiology and its sign and symptoms. Case presentation and review of literature for the differential diagnosis, imaging findings, and treatment plans are the main objectives of this paper.


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