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How does Digital Media contribute to consolidating the principles of dialogue between civilizations and tolerance?

Authors: Khaoula Zine
Conference: International Dialogue Of Civilization And Tolerance Conference – Abu Dhabi 2024
Keywords: Civilizations, Digital Communication, Tolerance, Technology, Global interactions, New Media, Social Media, Cross-cultural dialogue, Inclusive society


In an era dominated by digital communication, this study explores the pivotal role of digital media in fostering dialogue between civilizations and promoting tolerance. The accelerated growth of technology has significantly altered the landscape of global interactions, providing a platform for diverse voices to engage in meaningful conversations. This paper examines the impact of digital media on the consolidation of principles that underpin dialogue between civilizations, emphasizing the potential for enhanced understanding and collaboration. Moreover, the study investigates how digital platforms contribute to the cultivation of tolerance by facilitating exposure to different perspectives and fostering a sense of interconnectedness. Through a comprehensive analysis of relevant literature and case studies, this research seeks to illuminate the multifaceted ways in which digital media acts as a catalyst for promoting cross-cultural dialogue and fostering a more inclusive and tolerant global society. The findings of this study have implications for scholars, policymakers, and practitioners seeking to leverage digital media for the advancement of mutual understanding and harmony among diverse civilizations.

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