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Islam and the issue of Minorities

Authors: Mustapha Tajdin
Conference: International Dialogue Of Civilization And Tolerance Conference – Abu Dhabi 2024
Keywords: international trade, finance, Chinese politics, belt and road, China


The issue of minorities has captivated the attention of modern Muslim reformers. Whether Muslims are a minority within a non-Muslim majority or non-Muslims are a minority in a Muslim majority country, the issue requires more scrutiny, especially in a country like UAE where a massive non-Muslim minority resides. My paper aims to help the authorities in their noble endeavor to reformulate a tolerant conception of religious co-existence. a moderate path is recommended in this endeavor in which a balance between the preservation of an Islamic identity and the exigencies of mpdern time plural society is imperative. The paper seeks to explore the tolerant features of Islam and how they can apply to modern plural societies.

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