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Self-Regulated Learning in Academically Talented Learners: The Role of Motivation

Authors: Dr. Eleftheria N. Gonida

Conference: 1st World Giftedness Center International Conference

Keywords: Academically Talented Learners, Adaptive Motivation, Academic Help Seeking


This presentation will focus on the contribution of motivation to self-regulated learning in academically talented, gifted, and high-achieving learners. Self-regulated learning is an active multi-faceted process that includes cognitive, metacognitive, motivational, affective, and behavioral aspects, all of them interacting towards the accomplishment of a learning goal. Learners identified as talented are more likely to be more successful self-regulated learners and usually have a stronger motivational profile. In general, motivation may take different forms (e.g., efficacy beliefs, goals, expectancies, values, interests etc.) and may affect self-regulated behavior in academic settings both at a micro- (e.g., during problem solving) and a macro-level (e.g., towards an important personal academic goal). It can be related to the learner her/himself and/or to the context within the learner functions (e.g., task, achievement situation, classroom, or family context). More specifically, it is a critical component for initiating self-regulated learning but also for sustaining self-regulated learning in the face of academic challenges which may also be experienced by gifted learners. Further, the role of motivation is crucial in explaining and supporting underachievement. A synthesis of studies in the field of self-regulated learning, motivation, and giftedness coming from different theoretical perspectives will be presented. Emphasis will be given on instrumental academic help seeking as an important self-regulatory strategy associated with adaptive motivation that can alleviate difficulties gifted students encounter when learning both in and out of the classroom.

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