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The impact of the introduction of telework on Moroccan employees

Authors: Rachid El Oud, Anass Mekdad, Abderrahim Amedjar, Ahmed Lamalem

Journal:  Emirati Journal Of Business, Economics And Social Studies

Volume: Vol 2 Issue 2

Keywords: Telework, social and labour relations and performance.


Since the spread of the COVID-19 health crisis, teleworking has become an alternative way of ensuring and maintaining the sustainability of organisations at national and international level. Developments in technology and information systems, such as Big Data and artificial intelligence, have contributed to a revolution in the traditional work system. In particular, this revolution has made it possible to improve social relations and the performance of organisations through the adoption of teleworking. In fact, the aim of our work is to study the effect of the generalisation of telework on the performance of organisations in the Moroccan context. For this purpose, a review of the literature was used to define the concept of telework, to determine the tools used, to analyse hierarchical relations and to evaluate the productivity of teleworkers. With this in perspective, we conducted a questionnaire survey of Moroccan teleworkers, from which we found that the use of telework influences the performance and intrinsic relationships of employees.


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