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Tidal Energy as a Sustainable Source of Power for Marine Transport Stations In Dubai Creek & Water Canal

Authors: Ayman Abdelmunim Osman Ahmed

Journal:  Emirati Journal of Environment, Sustainability, And Climate Change

Volume: Vol 2 Issue 1

Keywords: Sustainability, Tidal energy, generator, Renewable energy


This research explores the feasibility and economic viability of generating tidal power from the stations of the Roads and Transport Authority RTA Dubai. The focus of the study is to enhance sustainable mobility and increase the share of renewable energy in Dubai. The station locations were chosen based on resource assessments and calculations of water currents velocity reflecting a deliberate and strategic approach to harnessing the tidal energy potential in the area. After conducting a resource assessment and financial analysis, the study predicts an annual collective tidal energy out-put from these stations to be 129.83 megawatts-hours, which translates into a substantial annual economic value of 4,284,680.4 dirhams. This economic feasibility positions the tidal power as a viable and beneficial solution. The versatility of the identified output is a key highlight, as it proves capable of meeting the energy consumption needs of RTA marine electric vessels and fulfilling the power requirements of the stations themselves by covering 35% of the energy demand of the selected stations and increasing the renewable energy share by more than 20% for all the stations located in Dubai creek and water canal. The option to store tidal energy in batteries or seamlessly connect it to the grid adds a layer of flexibility, enabling efficient energy management. Dubai is committed to sustainability and integrating renewable energy. This research has provided a practical blueprint for successfully implementing tidal power solutions. This blueprint can empower policymakers and energy profession-als to actively contribute to a greener and more resilient energy landscape. As energy storage technologies and grid connectivity continue to advance, the feasibility and impact of tidal power initiatives are expected to significantly im-prove. These advancements are paving the way for a sustainable and environmentally conscious future in Dubai.


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