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Willingness to promote Environmental impacts in Japan, Conceptual Framework with Environmental and Economic Solutions

Authors: AbdelAziz AlOwais

Journal:  Emirati Journal of Environment, Sustainability, And Climate Change

Volume: Vol 1 Issue 1

Keywords: Sustainability, Economics, Environment, Japan


The Purpose of this paper discusses Japan’s willingness to promote a sustainable future. Japan is involved in many practices that hurts the environment. From toxic wastes pollution, air pollution and marine life depletion. We aim to identify the unsustainable practices and discover the regulations set by Japan to reduce those violations. It will be followed by a strategy evaluation section that will critique the active regulations. A sustainable framework will be proposed at the end of the paper. The Methodology used Secondary sources will be used. Academic and non-academic articles. Statements from the ministry of environment in Japan. The Findings shows current regulations used by Japan are not strong enough to prevent such practices. The radioactive wastes solution is just temporary and can’t handle unexpected malfunction. The proposed framework is prepared to tackle individual malpractices only if the funds are spent domestically instead of internationally.


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