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Consultation Proposal on Alpha College’s operations management – Investigative study

Authors: AbdelAziz AlOwais

Journal:  Emirati Journal Of Business, Economics And Social Studies

Volume: Vol 2 Issue 2

Keywords: Higher-education, operations, capacity, forecast, quality


Purpose:This research project examines the faulty practices adopted by Alpha college which is a distance learning center providing higher education in the UAE. The first step includes identifying the operational malpractices, the second step includes providing a consultation on how to resolve the current issues faced by the college. The college will be named under the pseudonym or alias “Alpha College” and the orthonym will not be mentioned throughout the research to protect the organization’s identity.

Methodology: Interviews were conducted with students. 9 students are chosen to provide primary data regarding the issues they encountered throughout their program.

Implications: The recommendations are proposed to solve malpractices in the field of operations management only.

Findings: We found out that Alpha college didn’t prioritize their capacity management function causing loss of IT resources and disturbance to their students as they used the partner college’s applications. Secondly, the college failed to forecast the programs that will be demanded in the future and ended up partnering with subpar universities. Quality wasn’t delivered to their students throughout the program.

Originality: This research applies the operations management functions in the higher education scope, specifically in distance learning centers that offer undergraduate and post graduate education. To our knowledge this is the first study in the region that has examined this issue to ascertain the effectiveness of this approach.


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