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Islamic Granada influences in the palaces of the 19th century AD “Madrid City as a model of Tolerance”

Authors: Hossam Al-Abbady
Conference: International Dialogue Of Civilization And Tolerance Conference – Abu Dhabi 2024
Keywords: Al-Hamra palaces , Madrid, wall decorations , geometric ,floral, calligraphic , Mudéjar, pictures , paintings


Islamic Granada influences in the palaces of the 19th century AD “Madrid City as a model” Dr. Hossam Al-Abbady This study investigates the influence of the incident Spanish architectural styles associated with different human civilizations, ancient Egyptian, Roman and Islamic styles, focusing on modern palaces in Madrid city. This research also postulates the beginning of the modern artistic identity of the Spanish society. The modern architecture style is recognized after a period of denial and disregard and appeared in the form of a material statement by the then ruling Bourbon family in their royal palaces, compared to the Al-Hamra palaces of Bani Nasr. The technique that is used in building such palaces aims to imitate the elite and those who are close to the statesmen. This social class built their residence and palaces in the manner of what their kings did, and then the Grenadians style became part of the Spanish artistic identity. The Al-Hamra palaces with their wall decorations , geometric ,floral, calligraphic which was called by contemporaries in the nineteenth century the modern Arabic style and some called it the modern Mudéjar. By tracing the samples and remains of the royal palaces and the palaces of statesmen through pictures and paintings that recorded and preserved the components of these artistic palaces, we clarified the extent of the direct impact of the Alhambra, which is an example of the Grenadians artistic style. The adopted research methodology is an eclectic approach, a descriptive and analytical approach to trace the contemporary historical writings of the nineteenth century AD, in addition to a pictorial study of old photographs of the defunct Madrid palaces, which were preserved for us by the records of the Spanish heritage committees. The data analysis reveals the architectural resembles in various architectural aspects of the selected buildings. These aspects include thee ceilings and decorative calligraphies. These aspects demonstrate the influence of incident Spanish architectural style on the selected modern buildings in Madrid.

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