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The effectiveness of the digital diplomacy communication activities of the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs in marketing national identity

Authors: Dr. Khulood Miliany
Conference: The 1st Media Innovation: Opportunities and Challenges
Keywords: Media, Cyber Matchmaking, Dating Applications, Egyptian Adults, Cultural Constraints, Perceptions


New media is now a renewed communication environment due to the proliferation of diverse communication networks and platforms. These communication activities of international public relations through the official interactive platforms of diplomatic organizations and bodies are one of the most important tools that can be used to bring the State to high society. In this context, this study sought to identify the effectiveness of the Department of State’s digital diplomacy communication activities in marketing national identity While the study aimed to analyze the communication activities used by the Saudi Foreign Ministry and the nature of the contents that market the national identity and to achieve this goal, the study used the Roller model theory to analyze the communication strategies best suited to each communication situation, The study relied on the analytical descriptive approach through analysis of the content of tweets and included a sample of tweets during September 2022 One of the findings is that the official account of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia is of great importance because it is the official window of the Kingdom on social media sites, especially Twitter, He therefore draws attention to trying to study and understand Saudi Arabia’s position on various domestic and international issues and topics. information “, where subscribers are able to obtain continuous updates of all information published, Digital diplomacy efforts have also been used to promote and market a positive image of Saudi Arabia’s values, policies and activities by creating media content that expresses its culture and policy and transmits it to the world. The results of the study include the effective use of the Roller model in the field of digital diplomacy and demonstrate this through the State Department’s website for communication strategies, The most important objectives and strategies underlying digital diplomacy in the Kingdom’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs were the Media and Persuasion Strategies, which are among the priorities of the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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