Understanding Virtual Employee Onboarding (VEO): The New Normal And Beyond

Authors: Deepanjana Varshney

Journal:  Emirati Journal Of Business, Economics And Social Studies

Publication Date: Vol 1 Issue 1, ( 2022 )

Keywords:  Virtual Employee Onboarding, VEO, Covid-19, Programs, Experience


The Article Analyzes The Intricacies Of Virtual Employee Onboarding Programs (VEO) From The Beginning Of The Covid-19 Outbreak And Beyond. The Paper Aims To Understand The Strategic Significance Of The Virtual Onboarding Process With Recent Corporate Illustrations Of Onboarding Programs. Besides, The Literature Discusses The Ideal Virtual Onboarding Process With Examples Of The Commonly Used Tools. An Effective VEO Program Is Highlighted With The Necessary Conditions And The Program Components That Should Be Incorporated To Make An Inclusive And Enriching Virtual Onboarding Experience. There Are Managerial Implications Drawn From The Research: Sophisticated, Technology Imbued Virtual Onboarding Can Be Designed, And The Tools And Company Practices Can Be Applied In The Business Context Of Onboarding. Lastly, The Challenges And Emerging Trends Can Be Insightful To VEO Practices For Creating An Amazing New Employee Onboarding Experience.

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