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Webs of science: The formation and impacts of effective mentorship networks for underrepresented students pursuing STEM careerS

Authors: Dr. Paul R. Hernandez

Conference: 2nd World Giftedness Center International Conference

Keywords:  Developmental mentor networks, STEM career development, Dyadic mentoring


Mentorship can be part of the solution to developing a more diverse global scientific workforce, but mentorship models focused on dyadic mentoring can reproduce hierarchies the reinforce the status quo. Reframing mentoring relationships as developmental mentor networks can more accurately describe the experiences of protege, can deepen our understanding of how, why, and for whom mentoring “works,” and can empower protege to effectively pursue their STEM career goals. This session will highlight research on developmental mentor network theory, including factors the promote the formation of diverse and robust mentorship networks and the impacts these networks can have on STEM career development.

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